The four basic types of speeches are: to inform, to instruct, to entertain, and to persuade. Words and images have a power all their own. Used correctly, they can make a person famous, a business prosperous and cause a faith to spread to the corners of the earth. Let’s face it, you have a message inside that only you can speak & deliver.

There are a wide variety of special occasions in life for speeches such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, bar mitzvahs, christenings, award presentations, retirement dinners, academic and funerals.

Furthermore, in most levels of academia from high school through the college experience, students are required to give some kind of speech. For students, well-delivered speeches add further impetus to the quest for academic glory. Individual speech is a powerful tool to influence others’ opinions and make your ideas stand out. A well-crafted speech will divide the exceptional from the ordinary.

Now that you have written your speech, you probably require a speech editor with a fresh set of objective eyes to check for organization, clarity, flow and appropriate wording to energize your speech and ultimately achieve success. . You need to come across with high credibility, and probably expect your audience to take some action after they hear you. Too many speakers fall in love with their words and phrases, or insist on covering every detail of their subject, or simply don’t understand how to get to the bottom line.

The need for speech editing remains. I will edit your speech and send back a written critique. You will receive new ideas to improve and suggested revisions that may include different word options, redundancies, additional content, and possible making it more relevant if needed.