TheWriterPro is a nationwide editing company headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. In our eight year history, we have helped hundreds of clients in all aspects of editing including books (fiction/non-fiction), academic papers, blogs, training manuals, letters, resumes, grant proposals, website content, newsletters, speeches, etc.

Editing consists of much more than simple language corrections. Our team of dedicated professionals at TheWriterPro guarantee that your edited documents will be flawless, free from any grammatical errors, and professional in all aspects. We are committed to alleviate the stress associated with editing and presenting a document that is well received.  At TheWriterPro, we value our  potential customers as well as existing clients responding quickly to any questions or submissions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to ease the fear associated with having a well written document. You can be assured that our work at TheWriterPro exceeds your expectations, targets the right audience and enhances your unique voice. You can submit your work to be edited by TheWriterPro with confidence, knowing that a member of our staff will edit your text thoroughly.

When we review a grant proposal, we are instrumental in getting the required funding for various projects. When we assist an aspiring author with their first book, we are adamant in displaying their thoughts in a meaningful way to the masses. When we edit a website, we help launch a new business on the internet. When we polish a resume, we help an individual land the job they have been seeking. When we revise an academic paper, we are in the position of helping students realize their potential based on merit exclusively.

The aforementioned are but a few examples of what we have accomplished thus far.  In essence, effective communication through the written word is our primary objective and will always remain so.