Despite their shared passion for language, there has always seemed to be a disconnect between writers and editors. It is no mystery that writers require editing more than ever. The reason being is to strategically guide and offer other alternatives.  The editor’s job is not to impose a style or dictate, but to help capture the writer’s unique voice.

In order to make your writing truly shine, it’s imperative that it is free from the presentational and structural errors that will ultimately doom many manuscripts. For a writer from a non-English-speaking background who wants to be read without first language interference, editing could be considered mandatory. For a college freshman faced with their first essay, editing can dramatically improve their writing skills. In essence, all types of writers who take pride in their work often decide that editing is worth the expense and extra effort.  No matter what your level is, write your strengths and then hire an editor.

In general, people are prone to making some errors in the process of writing. While some might struggle with grammar, others find it difficult to avoid being too “wordy.” Still, some aren’t quite sure what to include…and possibly what to exclude. Often, writers are so emotionally involved in their own writing that they generate pages with great ideas but fail to express their true intent through the lack of the best words possible. In all honesty, if you can write it, TheWriterPro can definitely edit it!

As part of the process, our editors  meticulously check and correct punctuation, sentence structure, word usage, correct use of abbreviations, capitalization, agreement between subject and verb, removal of verbosity, repetition, clarity and consistency, uniformity and proper usage of case as well as tense. Furthermore, if any areas are in need of a rewrite to establish flow and uniformity, our editors are up to the task.

As editors, we have an ‘objective eye’ and have the innate ability to approach it as a fresh, critical reader.

At TheWriterPro, we are available to answer all your questions and provide professional input each step of the way.